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Intracranial pressure is purely circulatory in origin and therefore is

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Lateral ventricles much dilated a very little yellow lymph found in the right.

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and anarthria must therefore depend upon the nature of the collateral

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markets that dressed beef is sent from Chicago at some seasons of the

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focus lay directly on the sensory fibres of the internal capsule. On the

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indirectly by the bulbar centres acting on the splanchnic area.

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existence. In others after some weeks illness a gradual increase in the

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through the opposite lateral fillet posterior tubercle brachium and internal

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tion than theypoesibly could be if shipped alive to the eastern markets

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acute myelitis. Redlich holds similar views. Both of these observers


three hours and daily inunction of half a drachm of mercurial ointment we

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of spinal distortion have been described due partly to fracture of the

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epileptiform convulsions is very great for the muscles which are first

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danger menacing the cattle industry of this conntry as any agita

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sight by pressing the hand still stronger on the dura mater he fell

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from which contaj ions pleuro pneumonia spread in Hew Jersey was

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Causation. The manifestations of the disease have been known to

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years to measure. The intermediate goal in this project is to

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death results in a shorter time Tiede found bacilli in the in

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cases of softening in one sensation was unaffected Zacher one had

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cerebral spastic paralysis but in the former condition there has been a

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much to recommend the last hypothesis. Indeed it seems to me that in

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benefit of the medical community to provide a cost effective

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sion. All 4 QI parameters showed improvement Table 2

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In P.M. 22 the fact that the lateral ventricles were considerably

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are liable to be infected before vaccination and the summer heat may cause

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to the diagnosis of sinus thrombosis and indications of local venous

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sort of way the sentence being frequently interrupted by ar hasty inspira

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influences of predisposing causes. This relative virulence may

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The clinical possibility of a localised haemorrhage AA ith symptoms of

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graduated into 8 parts and sheep calves and foals are injected subeutaneously with

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ing and fever if the tail is covered up since its temperature

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