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of life is facilitated by the absence of the mucous layer

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with fever and headache causing paralysis of the middle and lower part

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thereof do hereby schedule the localities hereinbefore unmed and I do hereby strictly

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Swine erysipelas usually runs a more rapid course and

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cerebellar disease. Here the resemblance to tabes ends for there is

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was offensive pus. The tributary veins going to superior longititdinal sinus

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unaltered. In his case there was no affection of sensation the super

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affecting both sides double athetosis sometimes occurs. In this form

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somy 4 in a patient with acute non lymphoblastic leukemia.

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tion rales may be heard later bronchial breathing or the ab

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victims no more serious mental disturbance may result as has been more

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heredity have been published by Londe in two brothers one of Avhom

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Fuller reference is made to it in the section dealing with the cerebral

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the condition of the brain point to the destruction of the superior

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now deceased for three months. Left hemiplegia and right ear disease were

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although a few cases of this are on record. It may be generally

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The question is whether the tracts which have remained separate so

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extent the same side and this is in accordance Avith the observations of

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search must be made for the hysterical stigmata but of course a

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If a similar bilateral representation of the laryngeal raovcments con

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maintain the child s temperature after the operation the results have

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about tile thigh are those chiefly affected the muscles on the inner side

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Motor paralysis. Some motor weakness is common to all the clinical

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Boreaa as to the nature and requirements of the quarantine regulations

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sex chromosome composition using FISH as an adjunct to

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was blind. The fontanelle was then distended and the sutures open.

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sensory perversion or defect a fourth slight attacks of an epileptiform

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the bacilli and spores. While the bacilli are less resistant the

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the left cheiro kinsesthetic centre. Paragraphia may also be caused in

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little proportion between the spinal and the pupillary symptoms. It is

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