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such duties as usually rest upon policemen. The police system of the

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stiffness increasing until it may require a very great effort to overcome

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also become a national priority again due mostly to the

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temporal lobe have been recorded which are in favour of this view though

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tis funded by the Department of Healths Disability and

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statement of these facts the decision must be left to those immediately

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nerve and being caused by substances which enter the nose through the

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in which there is unsteadiness titubation and reeling like a drunken

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where within the cranial cavity may be associated Avith optic neuritis

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part of it sank in water. The right lung appeared healthy. Bronchial glands

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Early in the present century the improvement of the cattle of Georgia

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mesial aspect of the left occipital lobe including the cortex bordering

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the onset is usually instantaneous and unconsciousness is rare. In

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necks convulsively or stretch out their heads on which the

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pared to baseline p lt 0.0001. For advanced PD with clini

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temporal lobe have been recorded which are in favour of this view though

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panied by any other form of tonic spasm the dorsal spine remaining

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acute febrile affections of horses which spread rapidly and have a

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tal health treatment and other service utilization.

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militated against it the manifestations of the disease began as early

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from the places used for parturition as well as frorn. the stalls

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centre. A clinical condition is produced by the isolation of the left

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paper wrappers yellow red powder are ground carefully with 5.0 cc. of sterilized

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Parietal Type of Pure Word hlindness. Occipital Type of Pure Word hlinclness.

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and ischemic disease of the lower extremities lead to ampu

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In animals which died from the acute form of the disease

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or Jacksonian epileptoid attacks hemiplegia and monoplegia of cortical

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be at points pus formation purulent meningitis Kaes. The mem

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Eastern Seaboard from Massachusetts to Maryland in the

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Septicemia two cases and a review of the literature. Mayo

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