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that the lesions of the convolutions may be of little significance so long

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vent tbe spref of tbe disease in some cases adopting measures which

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lation of clear yellow serous fluid in the pericardium. Injec

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Of the directors seven are brokers and two are buyera and packers.

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the total class size to compensate for the expected attrition from the

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the explanation suggested for the cases following chill fatigue or injury

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Bureau of Animal Industry certifying to the present healthy condition of snch cattle.

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cerning experience in engaging with issues presented are welcomed.

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itself is destroyed and then the characteristic paralysis is present.

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chronic myelitis paresis muscular atrophy and contracture formed part

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gradually lose the power of speech if they have previously acquired it.

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of cases with chronic inflammatory thickening of the pia mater and some

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diagnosis of cerebral hemorrhage is often one of extreme diflficulty so

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haemorrhage occurs from rupture of the lenticulo optic arteries which

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and undirected most of the earlier symptoms depend on this defect of

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College Brooklyn N.Y. He pursued graduate study at the

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otitis. In cases of pneumonia in children head retraction Avhen severe

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Purpose Brian Ott MD is conducting this trial to treat

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would not affect the orbicularis oris and probably would cause Aveakness

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