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follows For vaccination two different vaccines are used. The one

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Drug disposition in the fetus and newborn infant are

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cortex and subjacent medullary fibres and did not invade the internal

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matter is not entirely exhausted. It is this tendency which enables lis

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In herds which are kept in a small pasture or in stables the

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eliminated toxins in the blood and appearance of the phenomena known

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inland and the line dividing the infected flwm the non infected distriut

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Though the mental condition of these cases is not affected the

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head its short anterio posterior diameter its flat

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so much fun. This is what we should really do more often.

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A. In the first group of cases the patient complains of general weakness

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vision causing homonymous hemianopsia. In such a condition the leg is

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shows marked edematous infiltration. The subcutaneous connective

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metabolism in the neuron itself. The body of the nerve cell is the

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or sudden jerks or definite minor seizures. It is important to keep

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A meningitis which has lasted more than four weeks is more likely to

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with four or more employees full or part time is now

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both hemispheres and a few small hfemonhagic spots over petrous portion of

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Recurring tendency constitutes the disease. But another equally important

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the immediate cause is a proximate one of great power. General paralysis

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temperature subnormal. It often produces sleep rapidly with a more

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amount bridging over the Sylvian fissures. There was a small patch of similar

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Criminality or General paralysis. First as an early symptom of the

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volutions but fontanelle and sutures distended. Ears normal. Head only

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and undirected most of the earlier symptoms depend on this defect of

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vertebrals and carotids has been carried out become almost as large

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Affections of hearing. Affection of hearing not infrequently occvxrs

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Chief among the foods other than corn used for fattening cattle in

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the administration of the first intravenous dose of antibi

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with little or no hindrance. The blood becomes heavily charged

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vides the lead article. Chapin discusses the many solved

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It is interesting to note here that a certain number of patients Avho

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Microcephaly. This condition deserves a brief notice. Cases of

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be lined not exceeding 300 or be imprisoosd not oiceedinR one year

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galvanic current than natural and responding on making the current

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susceptible to natural infection whereas the common breed s

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it begins with the voluntary movement and becomes of wide range by

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of the tissues Holth. The authors mentioned above failed in pro

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muscles though completely flaccid will preserve their bulk for some

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tongue and the speech are rarely if ever so affected as in progressive

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ity to include unidentifiable viaims. In Lipari v. Sears Roebuck amp

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by walking they are usually also well marked when the patient is

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advantageous position or when they are assisted in their action. Many

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intellectual powers will not necessarily be impaired at all may even be


sional Liability Insurance. We now invite you to benefit from

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Important as are these cases of pseudo sclerosis they have not been

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our expertise in Life Insurance and Financial Planning

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breathing in cycles still two deep inspirations then ten seconds interval.

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College Hospital Physician to the Hospital for Sick Children.

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Both lungs showed many small areas of mixed congestion and collapse small

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face and the ears become cold the body is covered Avith per

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contraction in another in other instances the spasm is repeated in the

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of water which contained a portion of the intercepted

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