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the sphincters or by any sensory or trophic changes. The earliest pub

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important are syphilis lead and perhaps alcohol. Whether alcohol may

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four of Aberdeen An gas and two of Devons. Of correspondents in the

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But every case has to be treated skilfully in accordance with its own

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gradual recovery if the causal lesion be got rid of.

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which may explain the greater liability of the latter to atheroma and

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ing patients. Perhaps we should be developing baby Bells.

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possible that this may explain some of those cases in which extreme

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since the year 1894 confirm the conclusions arrived at in that communica

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ties and HIV infection. Review Pub Health 1997 18 401

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action of the neck muscles not uncommonly it is suddenly retracted and

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cases of hydrophobia. Outbreaks of pleuro pueumouia of ergotism iu

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while those from the superior are situated most posteriorly. Hence

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Consisting in sclerosis with marked overgrowth of neuroglia and

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slightly virulent or not at all. In Jensen s experiments however

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quite likely to suffer from a malady known by several names that most

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reader without mentioning the labors of the Flints

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in other districts also cattle for fattening are bought in autumn and

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Ongoing Diabetes Education Providing the basics in infor

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and disappears last from this part. A certain degree of tactile defect may

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obliteration of the right naso labial fold Avhich hoAveA er disappeared on

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